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Making A Purchase

Buying a home doesn't have to be confusing.

Welcome to the homebuyer's guide! Buying a home is a huge step, and there's a lot to learn along the way. This may help you be prepared and excited about your new home. Here you'll find tips, tools and further reading on whatever you might be wondering, wherever you are in the process.

Even when you've just started looking at houses, you may want to keep your financing options in mind. This page may help you understand the process overall and some of the details you may want to know.


Interactive timeline

It helps to know what to expect—from before you start looking to move in. Here is a friendly, interactive timeline that walks you through all the stages of home financing and the possible length of each step in the process. It's like a virtual tour of the experience.

See the interactive timeline >

Closing costs to expect

Closing costs include all of the expenses and fees associated with buying a home. They may be charged by the lender or for services from third parties. Here is a list of different kinds of closing costs that may apply when buying a house.

Learn about closing costs >

How to get a solid appraisal

If it's your first time through the appraisal process, you probably have some questions. Here's a list of common questions and answers about home appraisals to help you prepare.

Common appraisal questions >

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